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Are we becoming lazy and leaving our cameras at home?

Here’s the scenario. It’s 12.05pm and you are running late for Mum’s birthday lunch where all the family are gathering. As you are about to lock the house before jumping in the car your partner shouts from out the window “have you got the camera?” Ten or maybe even five years ago most of us would have opened the door and picked up the camera we bought especially for these types of occasions. However nowadays it’s probable that quite a few of us are locking the door and replying “nah.. I’ll just use my phone!”

Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Let’s try and find out.

Firstly it is important to establish that the camera phone functions on mobile phones have improved dramatically in recent times. We are able to get much clearer images on our smart phones today than we did on our ‘brick like’ mobiles in the early noughties. This vast improvement in technology therefore has made it a consideration in the first place to leave our cameras at home which can only be applauded.

So what are the benefits of taking the mobile instead of the camera?

Image taken with Google Nexus 5
Image taken with Google Nexus 5

1) The excuse ‘If only I had my camera’ is becoming obsolete. We are able to take snapshot of scenes that interest us immediately on a mobile phone meaning the instances of ruing a missed opportunity are decreased dramatically.

2) Lightweight – This is a massive benefit as it allows us to take the camera in our pocket rather than carry a bag around our shoulder and neck. It’s always with you wherever you go.

3) Unique Viewpoints – Because of the shape and slim nature of the device it allows us to take pictures that wouldn’t be possible with an SLR for example. It is also easier to take a quick picture in an environment that may normally be frowned upon i.e. concerts, sporting events etc.

4) Social Media – Smart phones today are geared towards allowing us to upload pictures immediately to share them with friends/family/audiences.

5) Backing Up Files – Many of us are now able to take a photo and have it automatically backed up/stored on a server so we never have to worry about it afterwards.

What are the disadvantages of leaving the camera at home?

Image taken with Samsung GT-I9100
Image taken with Samsung GT-I9100

1) Quality – Whilst a camera phone may produce a lovely clear image on a PC monitor on someone’s Facebook page it is predominantly a different story when blowing the image up to a 30×20” print for instance. Framing/Printing – If you are someone that enjoys producing physical prints of your photographs to a high standard (as featured on Best Photo Prints) then leaving your camera will mean you are not guaranteed to have the best quality possible.

2) Thought process – When we are shooting with our cameras/SLR’s we are thinking lots about composition/cropping/exposure etc. It could be an argument to suggest that these thought processes are not as important when taking an image with your camera. Therefore ultimately the image will not be as strong as the decisions made prior to taking the image have not been made.

3) Having complete control – There is no substitute for having complete control over the images you take. We’ve all been there where we try to create an image via the mobile and we just cannot get it right. Whether it be the subject blurred, flash too bright etc. Although image options and modes are getting better on smart phones it cannot compare to our SLR’s.

Image taken with Fujifilm FinePix S2950
Image taken with Fujifilm FinePix S2950

4) Looking like a photographer – There is something cool about having a camera around our neck. It’s a talking point and says ‘I care’ about the images produced. That’s why we spent the money on it in the first place!

5) Running out of battery on phone! Let’s face it, battery life on our mobiles never lasts as long as we would like it to, no matter which device you have! If you are taking pictures all day on your smart phone then inevitably you will soon encounter the dreaded ‘low battery’ icon blinking on the interface! That all important phone call you were expecting or the football results you wanted to check after the meal is not possible now!

Image taken with Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL
Image taken with Canon EOS 300D DIGI

So there are some things to think about before you close that door in future! Whether you decide to go back in and get the camera or not the most important thing is to keep taking photos! At Best Photo Prints we check every image prior to printing and will always be honest and offer our professional advice to make sure you get the best results! Try us out today and join the ever growing list of photographic lovers and professionals using us already!