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10 exhibitions in 2015 that have us excited

There’s nothing quite like going to an amazing exhibition to get yourself inspired! We’ve been having quite a few discussions at Best Photo Prints recently since coming back to the office about which shows we are most looking forward to in 2015! Here is our selection below of ones not to miss! In no particular order.

Only In England, Walker Art Gallery Liverpool

13th February – 7th June 2015

Notions of Englishness by photographers Martin Parr and Tony Ray Jones.


Lightworks -  Pekka Nittyvirta
Lightworks – Pekka Nittyvirta

Light-works: Contemporary Photography and Art in Focus, Mottisfont, Hampshire

17th January to 19th April

Light-works: Contemporary Photography introduces an international selection of accomplished artists whose works focus on the effects of light, using unusual techniques to get breathtaking results.


Ponte City
Ponte City

Ponte City | Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse, Photography Gallery Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh

6th December 2014 – 26th April 2015

Photo-journalism surrounding the iconic Ponte City structure in Johannesburg, South Africa.




James Bridle l Still from Seamless Transitions

James Bridle, The Photographers Gallery, London

6th February – 15th April 2015

Bridle explores how technology both affects culture and reproduces and shapes political power.




Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky. Peasant girls, Russian Empire, 1909, Courtesy of the Library of Congress

 Close & Far: Russian Photography Now, Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick

17th January — 7th March 2015

Pioneer colour photographers document a pre-revolutionary Russia and look at 21st century Russia.




Zanele Muholi, from the “Faces and Phases” series, Tumi Mkhuma Yeoville Johannesburg, 2007, © Zanele Muholi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg
Zanele Muholi, from the “Faces and Phases” series, Tumi Mkhuma Yeoville Johannesburg

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2015, The Photographers Gallery London

17 April – 7 June 2015

The annual Deutsche Börse Photography Prize never disappoints, nominees have recently been listed. The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize aims to reward a contemporary photographer of any nationality, who has made the most significant contribution (exhibition or publication) to the medium of photography in Europe in the previous year.





Free Range Photography Week, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane London

June 2015

We always enjoy this one. The annual Free Range exhibitions showcase the best new talent from artists/photographers around the country. In the heart of a burning Brick Lane in summer time.




Hepburn - Norman Parkinson 1955

 Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon, National Portrait Gallery, London

July 2nd – October 18th 2015

The immensely popular icon has an eagerly awaited exhibition showcasing her incredible life.









17th January – 8th March 2015

In this exhibition, Sunil Shah explores very personal themes linked to his family’s roots and heritage as Ugandan Asians, and offers wider narratives

around exile, displacement and dispossession




Photo London, Somerset House London

21th May – 24th May 2015

Photo London will showcase the broad range of photographic practice – from vintage to contemporary. Photo London is produced by Candlestar, an internationally renowned cultural consultancy with an outstanding reputation within the field of photography and the arts.

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Are we becoming lazy and leaving our cameras at home?

Here’s the scenario. It’s 12.05pm and you are running late for Mum’s birthday lunch where all the family are gathering. As you are about to lock the house before jumping in the car your partner shouts from out the window “have you got the camera?” Ten or maybe even five years ago most of us would have opened the door and picked up the camera we bought especially for these types of occasions. However nowadays it’s probable that quite a few of us are locking the door and replying “nah.. I’ll just use my phone!”

Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Let’s try and find out.

Firstly it is important to establish that the camera phone functions on mobile phones have improved dramatically in recent times. We are able to get much clearer images on our smart phones today than we did on our ‘brick like’ mobiles in the early noughties. This vast improvement in technology therefore has made it a consideration in the first place to leave our cameras at home which can only be applauded.

So what are the benefits of taking the mobile instead of the camera?

Image taken with Google Nexus 5
Image taken with Google Nexus 5

1) The excuse ‘If only I had my camera’ is becoming obsolete. We are able to take snapshot of scenes that interest us immediately on a mobile phone meaning the instances of ruing a missed opportunity are decreased dramatically.

2) Lightweight – This is a massive benefit as it allows us to take the camera in our pocket rather than carry a bag around our shoulder and neck. It’s always with you wherever you go.

3) Unique Viewpoints – Because of the shape and slim nature of the device it allows us to take pictures that wouldn’t be possible with an SLR for example. It is also easier to take a quick picture in an environment that may normally be frowned upon i.e. concerts, sporting events etc.

4) Social Media – Smart phones today are geared towards allowing us to upload pictures immediately to share them with friends/family/audiences.

5) Backing Up Files – Many of us are now able to take a photo and have it automatically backed up/stored on a server so we never have to worry about it afterwards.

What are the disadvantages of leaving the camera at home?

Image taken with Samsung GT-I9100
Image taken with Samsung GT-I9100

1) Quality – Whilst a camera phone may produce a lovely clear image on a PC monitor on someone’s Facebook page it is predominantly a different story when blowing the image up to a 30×20” print for instance. Framing/Printing – If you are someone that enjoys producing physical prints of your photographs to a high standard (as featured on Best Photo Prints) then leaving your camera will mean you are not guaranteed to have the best quality possible.

2) Thought process – When we are shooting with our cameras/SLR’s we are thinking lots about composition/cropping/exposure etc. It could be an argument to suggest that these thought processes are not as important when taking an image with your camera. Therefore ultimately the image will not be as strong as the decisions made prior to taking the image have not been made.

3) Having complete control – There is no substitute for having complete control over the images you take. We’ve all been there where we try to create an image via the mobile and we just cannot get it right. Whether it be the subject blurred, flash too bright etc. Although image options and modes are getting better on smart phones it cannot compare to our SLR’s.

Image taken with Fujifilm FinePix S2950
Image taken with Fujifilm FinePix S2950

4) Looking like a photographer – There is something cool about having a camera around our neck. It’s a talking point and says ‘I care’ about the images produced. That’s why we spent the money on it in the first place!

5) Running out of battery on phone! Let’s face it, battery life on our mobiles never lasts as long as we would like it to, no matter which device you have! If you are taking pictures all day on your smart phone then inevitably you will soon encounter the dreaded ‘low battery’ icon blinking on the interface! That all important phone call you were expecting or the football results you wanted to check after the meal is not possible now!

Image taken with Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL
Image taken with Canon EOS 300D DIGI

So there are some things to think about before you close that door in future! Whether you decide to go back in and get the camera or not the most important thing is to keep taking photos! At Best Photo Prints we check every image prior to printing and will always be honest and offer our professional advice to make sure you get the best results! Try us out today and join the ever growing list of photographic lovers and professionals using us already!

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Top 10 Picture Categories Uploaded to Best Photo Prints

Image Category Infographic - Best Photo Prints

Image Category Infographic - Best Photo PrintsThis infographic shows the top 10 picture categories  uploaded to Best Photo Prints since our launch.

1) Holidays

We all love a holiday and this seems to be when our fingers are at they’re busiest on the shutter buttons. Not a massive surprise to see this at the top as we’d all like to be remembered drinking champagne beside the sea with a glorious sunset!

2) Weddings

It’s the biggest day of your life for a bride & groom and it appears to be just as tiring on your SD cards! Everyone wants to look their best at a wedding hence so many photographs being taken.

3) Birthdays

They may come every year but you are only that age once! You all seem keen to document the celebrations of a birthday no matter what the generation!

4) Family Portraits

Everyone should have a family portrait to look back on and we get a variety of types here at Best Photo Prints. Whether it be in the studio with a professional photographer, in the garden on a summers day or a good old fashioned fancy dress shot we have had them all.

5) Pets

The range of pets you all have amazes us! We spend a lot of time looking after them so it’s only right we capture their characters forever.

6) Landscapes

When we originally performed this exercise a lot of us at Best Photo Prints thought this may rank higher? A lot of you have taken some beautiful landscapes showing a range of seasons perfectly.

7) Sport

Credit is due to the people who brave their cameras in appalling conditions to capture loved ones playing sport on a muddy morning! We’re sure the pictures only tell the half of it.

8) Garden

Britain is full of many keen gardeners and this is beautifully illustrated in the variety of images sent to us to turn into wall art for your homes indoors.

9) Food & Drink

Some of the cocktail drinks in this section were so vibrant in colour and instantly made us crave one!

10) Art Reproduction

The last category displayed the huge talents you all have for painting/drawing/sculpture etc. If you can obtain a scan or photograph to upload then we can reproduce your works of art for you!

We hope you enjoyed our picture categories infographic. Keep them coming!