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Wildlife Photography Tips from Tom Way

Tom Way Eelephant - Best Photo Prints

Tom Way Eelephant - Best Photo Prints

Tom Way found his passion for wildlife photography three years ago whilst travelling in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Upon his return to the UK, Tom set up a business selling his artwork at exhibitions. In the last two years, the business has grown rapidly and as a result he now exhibits around the UK, with some of his work appearing in magazines. Tom now gives talks about his photography and travels to an assortment of camera clubs and wild life groups and also runs photographic safaris and workshops. To see more of Tom’s amazing images, check out his website.

Tom Way - Wildlife Photographer - Best Photo Prints

Do your research!

“I cannot stress this point enough. When you are starting out with selling your own wildlife photography, it is essential to try and ascertain what the public would like to buy and what animals are the most popular. It is only then that you can begin the extensive research on a location. Funding a trip to an area and not returning with any sellable images equal a loss of money, so choosing the right destination is vital. You also need to carefully research the animal’s behaviour. Wildlife photography is an extremely competitive business, so the key to having marketable photographs sometimes lies in capturing slightly different images to other photographers. Knowing what to expect from your subject will put you at an advantage, as it will get you better shots and you will end up with more considered, nuanced photographs that tell a story.

I have been lucky enough to set up a fox hide in Buckinghamshire, where I have been able to intimately study the lives of rural red foxes in the wild. I spend many evenings in the hide photographing the foxes, taking shots illustrating different types of behaviour. The images I get from these excursions include foxes hunting and fox cubs playing.”


Tom Way Kingfisher - Best Photo Prints



The all important equipment.

“Once I have decided on my target species, where best in the world you can find them, and have an insight into their characteristics and behaviour, I look at what equipment I will need to take the best possible shots. For me, wildlife photography is about trying to capture the animal’s character within a still image. I currently use a Canon 1DX body and L Series lenses. In most situations, the natural behaviour of animals occurs when there is no human interference and for this reason my favourite lens is the Canon 500mm F4 L Series, as this allows me to be a reasonable distance away from the subject. One of the most important things in my photography is sharp images, so for 99% of shots I use a tripod to make sure that the camera is completely still when I press the shutter. There is nothing worse than having the opportunity to take a fantastic shot and realizing it is not sharp.

Once I have returned from my trip, I select perhaps one of two images that I think would be likely to sell. I then decide which medium they would look best in. Most images I exhibit lend themselves well to greeting cards or A4 prints, but there are a few images that look great when they are blown up in a larger format for impact.”


When you have spent as much time as Tom has capturing these amazing timeless images it’s so important to have a final product hanging on the wall that you are truly proud of. We thoroughly enjoy producing Toms work and always look forward to seeing what his latest subject will be from a recent trip.


Photo lab

“Being able to reproduce your work according to your vision is essential and it is for this reason I use Best Photo Prints for post production and printing. They are able to advise me on which images would suit which medium best, to either bring out the colour, or to enhance the detail. The format that has worked best for me at Best Photo Prints is their fantastic Photo Canvas Prints. For me, these sell very well. I have recently branched out by displaying a number of different sizes thanks to the advice from their friendly staff who have a great insight into what will work best for the individual image. I have a lot my large pieces framed in the ash frame for a more traditional look, however my favourite and the most impressive medium is the Aluminium Photo Prints. If I have an image with fine detail and vibrant colours I will use the Aluminium Photo Prints to accentuate these qualities. At my exhibitions, I use the Highline as an impact piece.




Tom Way Vole - Best Photo Prints


I have used Best Photo Prints now for two years and have never been disappointed. Their most impressive attribute is their fastidious quality control and attention to detail. Every image I have given to the team has been thought about very carefully, and colour managed to give a true reflection on the finished product, before it is printed to the highest quality. Their quick turnaround time enables me to sell work at exhibitions and still be able to restock my canvas or acrylics ready for my next show the following weekend whilst maintaining the highest standards of printing. It is truly the finest customer service to ensure my work is displayed at its very best.”

Tom Way Kingfisher - Best Photo Prints

Tom has had tremendous success in a short amount of time and has a few tips for other enthusiasts for capturing wildlife through the lens!

“If I could give only a couple of pieces of advice to those who would are interested in wildlife photography: firstly, be a perfectionist, and take pride in your work. There are so many photographers taking pictures of wildlife now that your images need to stand out, so do not settle for an image that you think is ‘ok’. Secondly, be patient. Obtaining the best images of a certain subject takes time. Spending just two hours on your local riverbank trying to photograph a kingfisher will not result in your best photo. But spending two hours a day for a few weeks will produce much better results.”

Tom Way Orangutan Baby - Best Photo Prints

Tom Way will be exhibiting work at the following shows. Please come and visit if you would like to see the quality of his work up close.

April 2014:

5th-6th: Lancing College

25th-27th: Reading Art Fair

May 2014:

8th-11th: Hatfield House

14th-18th: Windsor Royal Horse Show

25th: Berkshire County Fair

28th-31st: Royal Bath and West Show

July 2014:

29th-31st: New Forest Show

If you would like to get in touch with Tom please visit his Facebook Page or you can email him  directly at

All images Copyright © Tom Way Photography. Iver, Buckinghamshire.

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Nikon VS Canon

Canon vs Nikon

Since we have got back from the Christmas break the subject of what cameras to use has been hotly debated amongst staff.

So we thought it would be fun to go and have a dig in our image archive, to see what are the most popular cameras people use.

Our aim was to look only at professional or semi professional gear, so all mobile phones were automatically disqualified. Canon and Nikon were the most popular brands, no surprises there.

Still being a 50/50 split amongst the team we thought we would put the subject to a public vote.

The Canon EOS 600D and the Nikon D5100 were the most widely used in our survey so we thought that they would  do just fine as a flagship for each brand.

Canon Vs Nikon? Let us know what you shoot with.

Vote now!



Nikon D5100

Canon EOS 600D

Nikon-D5100 16-megapixels Canon EOS T3i/600D 18-megapixels

Sensor Type

DX Format (APS-C) CMOS Sensor


Sensor Size



Sensor Resolution

16.2 megapixels

18.0 megapixels


3.0-inch (921k dots) TFT LCD

3.0-inch (1040k dots) 3:2 TFT LCD

Tilt LCD



Live View



Viewfinder Type

Pentamirror type

Pentamirror type

Viewfinder Magnification

0.78x (with 50mm at infinity)

0.85x (with 50mm at infinity)

HD Movie

1920 × 1080 @29.97, 25, 23.976fps

1920 × 1080 @29.97, 25, 23.976fps, 1280 x 720 @59.94, 50fps

Movie Mode AF



Max. Continuous Burst Speed



AF System

11-point AF System

9-point AF System

Built-in Image Stabilisation



Image Sensitivity

ISO 100 to 6400 (Extendable to 25600)

ISO 100 to 6400 (Extendable to 12800)

Shutter Speed Range

1/4000 to 30s & Bulb

1/4000 to 30s & Bulb

Built-in Flash



Weight (Body only, incl. battery & memory card)

Approx. 560g

Approx. 570g

Dimensions (H x W x D)

Approx. 128 x 97 x 79mm

Approx. 133 x 99.5 x 79.7mm

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Valentines Day Photo Competition

Valentines Day Photo Competition - Best Photo Prints

Valentines Day Photo Competition - Best Photo Prints

Madly in love? Or do you secretly admire someone from afar? Show us your best photos in our Valentines Day Photo Contest!


Submit a photo that you think best captures your love for someone close to you. You can submit as many photos as you like by the submission end date. Then you and everyone else can vote for your favourite entries, and from those we’ll pick three winners!


The first prize is our amazing Lux Framed Print worth £299 and the two runners up will each receive a 450mm x 300mm Box Canvas  print!

Competition ends on the 10th of February.

Enter Now!


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5 of the best photographs ordered from Best Photo Prints in 2013

Top 5 2013 Winner

Happy new year to everyone! We had a fantastic array of images over the Christmas period at BPP and we look forward to working with many more in 2014! We have compiled our favourite five pictures from 2013 that were sent to us to turn into fabulous wall decor! Here they are:

1) These two! Just look at them.

Top 5 2013 Winner

2) Crocodoodledoo


3) The wedding singer – need to get his number!


4) We love this wedding photo, trendy meets rustic.


5) Lucky man!


Congratulations to those people whose images were featured. We’re sure everyone must have plenty of images on their cameras from 2013. Whether it’s the snow drenched Britain back in February? The photograph that encapsulates the big wedding day in August? Or a group shot of the family together on Christmas day? Get uploading on BPP today and transfer these wonderful moments from the SD card onto the walls in your living space!

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Struggling for Christmas present ideas? Be inspired!

Is anyone struggling to think of a meaningful present for a loved one this Christmas? Take inspiration from this order that we produced today! Mr & Mrs Graham wanted to get something special for Nana and Granddad this year. The grandparents live in Carlisle which is far away from their home in Southampton and as a result they only get to see Grandson Charlie and the dogs a couple of times a year. So the Graham’s decided to order a beautiful picture of them all from the weekend, captured forever in one of our traditional Gallery Framed Prints! Now the grandparents can see them every single day in the comfort of their own home in a truly stylish fashion!

frame print brown

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Today, we framed Chloe’s favorite cuddly toy in one of our lovely shabby- chic vintage ornate frames.

Vintage Ornate

Today, we framed Chloe’s favorite cuddly toy in one of our lovely shabby – chic vintage ornate frames.

Sadly, little one year old Chloe lost her favorite cuddly toy, Bagpuss, on holiday. Luckily for Chloe, Mum took Bagpuss along for a photo shoot earlier this year – so, whilst Chloe may think that her favourite toy is lost forever, Bagpuss is in fact wrapped up for Christmas ready to take pride of place in Chloe’s nursery!

Great thinking mum!

Vintage Ornate

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Hi Everybody

It’s now time to launch our unbeatable online personalised print and frame website.

After 10 years of working with some of the most luxurious brands in the world that include Ferrari and Sunseeker and producing for iconic photographers that include Terry O’Neil & David Bailey, we now launch Best Photo Prints.

After witnessing many friends and family receive sub standard personalised products we thought it’s about time that everybody gets to maximise our service and receive stunning personalised wall décor that sits unrivalled in the marketplace.

Just for the record may we say a huge thank you to the team for their outstanding efforts.

Please enjoy the service. We know you will not be disappointed. Our commitment to you is to deliver the wow factor on time every time. If you have any questions simply get in touch.