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Top tips on how to hang a picture

How hard can it be to hang a picture you ask? Well, it can be a bit tricky if you don’t know about the possible pitfalls that might await you; the threats of drilling into a pipe or an electrical line, pictures falling off the wall in the night or perhaps you inadvertently turn your living room wall into something that resembles a Norwegian Jarlsberg. But, armed with a few basic tips, you will be an expert in no time!

There are many things to take into consideration when hanging a new picture but the two most important questions you need to ask yourself are; where will my picture go?  And how should I hang it on the wall?

A quick safety tip to start with; it is always a good idea to get yourself a voltage detector to help you find your live wires. An inexpensive option is a neon circuit tester that lights up when detecting voltage.

Where do I hang a picture?

In my experience, hanging a new painting or framed print is always more fun when done in a team. You will need those extra hands, and a second opinion never goes amiss. Composition and layout are everything, so before you even begin to think of drilling a hole in the wall, bring out the picture, lay it against the wall and stand back. Take a minute to absorb its presence in its new environment. This is especially helpful if you are hanging more than one picture. Space them all out and take your time. This is an excellent way to visualize what your picture will look like on the wall. Now make some adjustments, let your helper lift the picture into position and do some experimenting. As a rule, avoid hanging your picture above or below eye level, and don’t hang a tiny picture on a massive wall or a large picture on a small wall. If hanging a picture above a table, bed or sofa, remember the eye level rule and don’t hang it too high.

If you are hanging a selection of smaller pictures, arrange them on the floor first to get that perfect composition. Measure, measure, and measure again. Once you have found that perfect spot, you can mark down the height and corners of your picture against the wall with a pencil. Alternatively cut out a template of your frame using kraft paper (if you don’t have any to hand, use some old wrapping paper). You can use this template to stick on the wall, get your measurements and find the perfect composition. This method will work especially well if you are working alone or if you hanging a lot of smaller frames.

How do I hang a picture on the wall?

First, find out what kind of wall you will be hanging your picture on it should be one of two options either a solid brick and plaster wall or a dry lined plaster boarded wall these often sound hollow if t you tap them with your hand.

Solid walls

It’s time to drill. When using a masonry drill you will need the correct drill bit to match the colour/size of the wall plug. In this instance you will need a powerful drill with a hammer action. Firstly position your picture and mark with a pencil where you wish to drill the first hole. Once this is done use a small masonry drill bit to drill a pilot hole. Finish off with the larger drill that matches the thickness of the wall plug. Once you have drilled your hole blow or hoover out the dust out and push in a wall plug then insert your screw. Picture hooks are also a option in some instances, have slim strong nails you can hammer into to the plaster, however, be careful as they will not hold much weight.  Be sure to use bigger screws for large or heavy pictures. Remember never drill above or below sockets and switches.

Plaster board/ Hollow walls

If you have to hang your picture on a plasterboard wall picture hooks are ideal and work for most things. However for heavier pictures, you can use wall plugs specifically for dry lined walls that are either use hollow wall anchors or spiral fixings. These options need to be carefully considered because removing a spiral fixing or hollow wall anchor from a plasterboard wall leaves a visible hole.

We hope you have enjoyed our little blog on the best way to hang pictures. If you have any further questions, please get in touch at. Good luck!